Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bottled water vs. Tap water?

Bottled water has become as uch a permanent fixture in our everyday lives as cell phones. Why have we become so obsessed with the Evian? What exactly are we paying for? And is it really necessary to turn away from tap and grab a bottle instead?

Cynthia Sass, RD, a sport nutritionist in New York City, addressed this topic at he recent Aerican College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Summit in Dallas, Texas. She suggests the issue is ''a combination of some city water contaminations making headlines and bottled water companies doing an excelent job of marketing water'' The truth botled water isn't what it promises, and tap water isn't as bad as it seems.

Just because water's bottled doesen't mean it's more rigorously tested. Water bottled in the state in which it's sold as more than 50 percent are, can slip by federal regulations. After testing more than 1,000 bottles representing over 100 brands, Sass found that 22 percent contained synthetic chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic.

Part of the problemis the perception. The National Resource Defence Council reports that 25 percent of bottled water contain repackaged tap water. This shocking stat results from the varying standards for bottled water: for some, the original source may be municipal tap water.

Tap water does not deserve its bad reputation. According to the Environmental Protection Agency Over 90 percent of water systems meet standards for tap water quality. To check your town water quality check the National Resource Defense Council findings at

So what is the solution?

Find a good filter system that will give you water that is free of bacteria, metals and chemicals. Our body needs water more then anything, drink lots of clean water.

Article by Health Matters Jessie Rosen

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