Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mangosteen can help you stay healthy!

Mangosteens are Packed with Beneficial Xanthones, a New Class of Powerful Phytonutrients
Xanthones are found in the most quantities in the mangosteen hull (or pericarp) and can help you to STAY healthy by boosting your immune system. According to professional journals such as Free Radical Research, Journal of Pharmacology, and the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, these Xanthones...are some of the most powerful antioxidants to be found in nature. While it’s true that most young people are healthy -- and thankfully so -- no matter how old you are, you're being exposed to free radicals by the millions each day.
"It has been estimated that each human cell undergoes ten thousand hits from free radicals each day... causing damage to cell proteins, DNA, fat lipids, and membranes through oxidation. This results in the generation of dysfunctional molecules responsible for conditions as diverse as cancers, lung disease, demential, cardio vascular disease and eye diseases." For more details:

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